About Gazelle

About GazellePro

GazellePro are Specialists in REVOLUTIONARY FOAM WASH SYSTEMS for a wide range of Commercial Applications.

The GazellePro Systems of Equipment & Detergents have been designed together with Technological Synergy that provides Fast & Outstanding results.
These Systems are efficient, effective & Save you money.

GazellePro Systems are designed to wash - Cars / Trucks / Machinery / Buildings / Boats / Buses / Bikes / RVs

The GazellePro concept was an idea conceived 35 years ago that has now been brought to reality.

Through many years of working in the automotive repair industry, the medical field and in recent year’s product development & project management, the concept was conceived.
Through extensive development we can now provide the GazellePro: Swift Wash range of equipment, detergents & processes, providing unsurpassed efficiency- (massive time savings), superior results (a protected clean & shiny surface) & large cost savings when washing your wide range of vehicles, boats or buildings.

GazellePro Foam Wash Systems cover the full spectrum of Lite to Heavy Commercial Applications, providing solutions for Small or Large fleets revolutionizing your wash process.
Join the paradigm shift, GazellePro turns a tedious, labour intensive job in to a fun, fast & satisfying operation, SAVING UP TO 75% of your time washing & no more scratches to the surface.


The Gazelle Pro Wash System has changed our Drivers attitude. This quick and easy washing system has made them want to drive clean trucks. It has even raised their own self-image as well as raising the image of our company. We now have a team of happier drivers & very clean trucks.

Colin Foster, Kauri Park Nurseries